Effective July 1st campfires in approved SNAI fire pits will be permitted. As always please use extreme caution when using the fire pits. Please make sure that you have a source to extinguish fires when finished. A current land use permit is required to use the Spirit Lake campground and fire pits. Please contact the office (907)283-7864 with any concerns or questions.


Shareholder Park

June 18, 2015 - Youth Service Summer Program

July 28 - 30, 2015 - Raise Program

Spirit Camp

July 7-11, 2015  - Kenaitze Science Camp

July 13 -17, 2015 - Kenaitze Yahagnen Program Camp

July 27 - 31, 2015 - Kenaitze Yahagnen Program Camp


1.  Permittee shall conduct all activities in such a manner to insure the least practicable temporary and permanent harm to the lands subject to this permit.
2.  This permit is issued for the period specified below.  It is revocable at the discretion of SNA, Inc. at any time upon notice.
3.  Permittee shall observe all Federal, State and local laws and regulations applicable to the premises including the regulation for the protection of game birds, the game animals and shall keep the premises in neat, orderly and sanitary condition.  This includes any bans on open fires.
4.  Permittee shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent and suppress forest, brush and grass fire and prevent pollution to waters on or in the vicinity of the lands.
5.  Permittee shall not cut any timber or remove any sand or gravel without prior written permission from SNA, Inc.
6.  Permittee shall allow inspection of all operations at any time by SNA, Inc.
7.  There will be no excessive use of alcohol.  If it is discovered that excess has in fact happened it will result in the loss of your use of the facility.  If it is reported that a situation exists that is deemed to be out of control you may expect that the President/CEO will arrive accompanied with the State Troopers.
8.  4-wheelers may be driven at a safe rate of speed on roads and trails.  No other motorized vehicles such as motor bikes are permitted.
9.  If Permittee should fail to comply with the terms and regulations contained in this permit, and after receiving written notice, fails to remedy such default within the time specified in the notice, SNA, Inc. may cancel this permit.
10.  Permittee shall be responsible for any problems that may arise in the future that can be traced to Permittees action.
11.  The Permittee shall indemnify SNA, Inc. against all liability for damage, costs, losses and expenses resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with, the use or occupation of the above and invitees or the failure of Permittee to perform fully any and all of the promises herein.
12.  SNA, Inc. reserves the right to grant additional permits, easements for rights-of-way or other uses to third parties for compatible uses on, or adjacent to, the land subject to this permit.
13.  Permittee shall protect all survey monuments, witness corners, reference monuments, mining claim posts and bearing trees against damage, destruction or obliteration.  Any damages or obliteration.  Any damages or obliteration marker shall be re-established by the Permittee in accordance with accepted practices of the State.

~Shareholder Park~