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About Salamatof Residential

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to provide innovative strategies to build your new home, second home or dream home. Salamatof's partnership with Linwood provides home plans at affordable prices to the residents of the Kenai Peninsula. Salamatof and Linwood together saves time and money with high quality materials and staff support.



Choose from 400+ breathtaking designs at: www.linwoodhomes.com 

Salamatof Residential provides new home buyers with a variety of quality building options where you can be the builder or allow us to build for you. We are structured to provide property lots for sale, unique site specific home design plans, excavation services, and expert services all with easy terms with land purchase to get you started.​​

Satisfaction Guarrantee:

Salamatof Residential operates under Salamatof Native Association. Building your new home and/or developing properties to your satisfaction is important to us. If you're considering buying a new home contact us today and let Heather Daniels help you into your dream home.  


We offer residential properties to build on and a variety of home plans and styles to choose from.